Match and Learn Foods
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30 Self-correcting puzzle sets teaching common foods.(60pcs)

Social Develop Skills

Cause-Effect&Problem Solving


VOCABULARY BUILDER: This puzzle helps kids to utter their initial vocabulary through matching the correct pieces, spelling, and practising the new words they picked up.

LITERACY SKILLS: Reading is known as one of the most challenging steps for kids. This puzzle is designed to eliminate this difficulty via self-correcting puzzles which requires only the perfect match. This will provide confidence and help children to gain a positive attitude against challenging literacy tasks. 

FIGURE OUT: These puzzles are designed to help young players to figure out the problem and come up with the new ideas related to what they are going to face in daily life.

ACQUISITION OF MOTOR SKILLS: The enduring and compact structure of the cardboard help kids to grab and use the pieces improving their hand-eye coordination and developing their motor skills at the same time.

PATIENCE AND FOCUS PERIOD: The puzzle is aimed to help kids gain the attitude of concentrating on a subject with patience and reach the target completing the given task via matching the appropriate word cards with the correct visuals.

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